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My 2024 goals

2023 goals retrospective

Out of 20 individual goals, I completed 7, made good progress on 1 more and left 12 to tackle next year. I'm happy with that; these are just as much directional guidance as they are to actually complete.

βœ“ Shepherd a major product release at AcuityMD

This year I contributed to A LOT of product feature releases (many more than a year's-worth at my previous employer, though those projects tended to be much larger). I: improved UX for displaying & filtering data in a user's sales pipeline, developed leadership reporting views & KPI dashboards, and helped complete a core app data model migration.

βœ— Contribute to an open source project

While I wrote more code this year than any years previous not much of it was open source or public. I'll carry this over to 2024.

βœ— Release an open source project


βœ— Make money from something other than my job

Not yet, but I have improved skills that could result in payment this year.

β—‹ Read all Hugo Award for Best Novel winners

I read 25 out of 72. ~35%. 72 books is a lot but I think I'll be able to finish this year.

βœ“ Catch up on my growing list of purchased yet unread books

Success! In addition to the 25 Hugos, I read ~15 other books. I did receive more books, but the stack has not grown!

βœ— (re)become conversational in French

Maybe somewhat less language atrophy this year, but not great progress.

βœ— Become conversational at a basic level in German

Fell off hard on this one...

Un-(publicly)-documented goals

These were some additional goals that were confined to my phone's note app and now public for all to see.

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Twenty Twenty (2) In Review

Time continues to move very quickly. I'm 1/7th the average lifespan of a Bowhead whale.

The transition to WFH and into a new position have been transformative in ways I haven't fully realized. Working from home requires a certain level of discipline that I've been flexing and growing in other areas of my life as well. It has been paying off in both my physical and mental well-being. It seems obvious that bodies won't operate well on frozen pizza, spoonfuls of peanut butter, and a 2nd shift sleeping schedule; but the results are really speaking for themselves.

I forgot how much I like to read. I'm suddenly 13 and devouring books like they're the only window into an exciting life I have. Except now, I'm a grown man and ALSO have friends.

Long distance relationships are hard, but time spent together does feel more meaningful and intentional. That said, there is a certain easy charm to silently sitting together with coffee on a Sunday morning knowing that neither of you has to make the seemingly endless drive home and back to a life where physical affection seems worlds away.

Speaking of discipline and intentionality, putting more effort into this website and my own professional development has been an unexpected creative outlet and boon.

My 2023 goals

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God, grant me the serenity to accept the weather I cannot change, courage to do stuff even when the weather sucks, and wisdom to know when to stay inside.

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wait a minute, things are going TOO well...oh, that's right, it's not winter in Wisconsin!