Hi! Welcome to my home on the internet!

I'm a senior full stack software developer based in Madison, WI with 8+ years of experience (+ lots of time spent with fun side projects like this website!). I love making software; it improves my life daily and I'm convinced it can do the same for others. I'm eager to make that happen!

Interested in working together? Read (a lot) more about me, see my profession experience on my resume, my current projects on my github, or email me!

A quote that I like (or liked at some point)

who am i kidding? i program all of these to be included!

Held to the past, too aware of the pending
Chill as the dawn breaks and finds us up for sale
Enter the fog another low road descending
Away from the cold lust, you house and summertime.

β€”The Shins"The Past and Pending"

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