Hello! My name is Brian Houston Morrow. I'm currently a Senior Full Stack Engineer at AcuityMD building the next generation CRM for medical device marketing and sales.

Before that, I was a Senior Software Systems Architect at Epic where I built electronic medical record software with TypeScript, React, C#, and M.

Throughout my career, I've worn numerous hats and have learned (and continue to learn) the value of clear & effective communication, flexibility, accountability, and empathy.

I have experience throughout the full enterprise software development lifecycle with: product & project management, team leadership, customer-focused product & project planning, product roadmapping, large & scalable systems design, and database and user interface design.

Until October 2022, I worked on Epic's MyChart team (the #1 patient portal app with ~150mm users) securing and improving authentication & authorization frameworks in addition to developing a comprehensive web analytics toolset so healthcare organizations could understand how their patients interact with MyChart without relying on a 3rd party analytics suite. Sign up if you haven't, it's an incredibly valuable tool in your personal healthcare toolkit (though I'm a little biased).

I graduated from the UNC School of Information & Library Science with a BS in Computer and Information Sciences. During my time at UNC I was a linux admin at ibiblio, one of the world's first online archives (and the world's first internet radio host in 1994 when we rebroadcast WXYC ) as well as a stage tech with Carolina Performing Arts.

Before that I was lucky enough to attend North Carolina's Governors School West where I learned about many wonders such as the unknot (and all of its implications), Franz Kafka, SAMO, Toynbee tiles, and Harvey Danger's Flagpole Sitta.
lest I forget Crooked Teeth, le subjonctif, or milkshakes at Mayberry Ice Cream

In my free time, I enjoy mountain biking, softball, volleyball, tinkering with my various side projects, and making sure my dog, Einstein, is living the best life he can live.

I'm a big fan of, and often enamored by:

  • Einstein (the dog, but also the person; the name is for a reason)
  • Open Source Software and its communities
  • Python
  • Nim
  • Lisp
  • Other new, interesting, and/or esoteric programming languages
  • Type Theory & Compiler Theory (particularly parsers)
  • Network Protocols (parsing is more fun than endless state machines, ijs)
  • Network & Application Security (netsec)
  • Simplicity, efficacy, and performance
  • To Do Lists
  • Bell Peppers
  • Vim-like keyboard bindings
  • Loud mechanical keyboards
  • Citrus-flavored anything
  • Einstein (the dog, again. he's that adorable)
  • Outsider Art
  • Emo & pop punk
  • Neo-expressionism

Interested in working together? Check out my resume, github, or email me.